Ethereum T-Shirt by Heisel modeled by a digital avatar.


Just over two years ago, at the start of Covid, we decided to stop making physical things. It was hard to get materials, hard to ship products, and we felt the world already had enough things. 

Our focus turned to everything digital and experiential and we spent the last two years learning to design digital clothes, exploring the metaverse, and playing with puppies.

As the world turns again we're getting back to making things.

At DogParkProduction (our pandemic side-hustle) we're getting close to 3D printing our first concrete pieces and at Heisel we're using avatars and digital fashion to test demand and create clothes without making any sample garments. This gives us opportunity to design as much as we want, show it to potential customers for feedback, and then produce only what we sell. Zero waste. 


Heisel digital design 3D printable dress worn by an avatar.


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