Compostable Bio-Plastic Bangles

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Set of 5 compostable semi-flexible 3D printed bio-plastic bangle bracelets. 3 charcoal grey, 2 olive green.

3D printed in our NYC studio from Willowflex, a unique elastomeric bioplastic made from compostable raw materials (the base component is non-GMO corn starch) that have passed the U.S. (ASTM D6400) and E.U. (EN 13432) standards for compostability.   

These bracelets will last indefinitely in your closet or on your arm but they will biodegrade in landfill or a compost heap within a few years without any harm to the environment. 

Each bracelet measures 60mm/2.36” inside diameter and 70mm/2.75” outside diameter and 5mm/0.20” height and thickness.

Fits women’s small wrist.

Custom sizes available upon request.