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3D printed dress - HEISEL
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3D printed dress - HEISEL
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3D printed dress - HEISEL
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3D printed dress


3D Printed Dress by Heisel

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custom made one-off sleeveless dress designed and 3D printed to order in the Heisel lab.

Heisel3D is developing custom fitted zero waste 3D printed clothes in recyclable materials.

the first dress premiered at CES 2016 and the existing coat and 4 dresses have been shown at fashion and tech events in Shanghai, Dubai, London and NY. one dress is in the collection of the materials innovation library at FIDM Los Angeles. 

a limited number of dresses are available to order.

the purchase of each dress will include 2-3 design consultations, body scan for fit and ownership of the final print files.

allow 45-60 days lead time.